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Open Access Dissertation


Moore School of Business


Business Administration

First Advisor

Omrane Guedhami

Second Advisor

Martin S. Roth


The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (senior marketing executive) has received minimal attention in the literature. Only recently has academic research investigated the position of the senior marketing executive. This dissertation uses neo-institutional and contingency lenses to extend prior theory and add cross-national perspectives on marketing management structural choices. An analysis of secondary data sources is used to clarify the key antecedents involved in the organizational choice of a senior marketing executive as a structural response in both one-tier and two-tier board governance systems. Possible mechanisms for the hypothesized effects are presented. Further, gaps in the prior literature on the economic effects of the senior marketing executive in the multinational corporation (MNC) are addressed. The moderating effect of each antecedent on firm financial performance is tested. Possible mechanisms for their influence are explained using contingency and institutional theories.