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Open Access Dissertation


Physics and Astronomy

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Roberto Petti


Coherent meson production measurement is very important in physics research. First, the coherent pion production is a potential background to v oscillation in next generation of Long Base Line Experiment(ELBNF/DUNE); second, coherent pion and coherent p production provide a detailed test of CVC and PCAC hypothesis; third, coherent meson production can be used to monitor the neutrino and anti-neutrino fluxes in the experiment. This dissertation focuses on two parts: coherent pi production in NOMAD, and coherent p simulation using LBNF fluxes. With the NOMAD data, the ratio between cross-sections of coherent pi- and v charged current interactions was measured and compared with the measurements of coherent pi+. The experience of coherent pi analysis may be used to evaluate the sensitivity of ELBNF/DUNE project to coherent processes. With the ELBNF process, I wrote a new C++ simulation package and generated 100k coherent p+ events. It is known that for the neutrino-induced process, the incoming neutrino fluxes could not be measured directly, and the Q2 and other variables related to it are unknown in the neutrino-induced neutral current interactions. The photon-induced coherent p0 provides a way to get additional information to constrain the incoming neutrino fluxes. I calculated the ratios between the cross-sections of neutrino-induced coherent p+-, p0 and photon-induced coherent p0. With these ratios, some kinematic variable distributions are reweighted with this ratio in this thesis.

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