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Physics and Astronomy



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Ralf W Gothe

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Steffan Strauch


The upgraded CLAS12 (12 GeV) detector is built around a six-coil toroidal magnet that divides the active detection area into six azimuthal sectors. The Forward Time-of-Flight system (FTOF) is a major component of the CLAS 12 detector. It is used to measure the time-of-flight of the charged particles emerging from the interaction of the probing particle and the target. In each of the six sectors of the CLAS12, the FTOF system is comprised of three arrays of counters referred to as panel-1a, panel-1b, panel-2b. Panel-1b arrays consists of 62 counters each. This research focuses on the "timewalk corrections" analysis of the timing signals from panel-1b counters with the help of FADC250 (flash adc) information, where the integrated charged is measured in 4-ns interval with clock frequency of 250MHz. "Timewalk corrections" attempts to correct for the systematic timing shift introduced by the leading edge discriminators. Signals from FADC250 generally follow the Landau distribution. The signals from the PMTs have the same time of arrival so the time at which they reach their maximum amplitude remain the same, but the time at which they cross the threshold of the discriminator varies. With the known threshold voltage of the Leading Edge Discriminator (20 mV) the difference in time between

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