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Campus Access Thesis



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Gail E Wagner


The Daniel Island site is a small-scale, multi-component settlement located northwest of Charleston, South Carolina. The contact-era occupation at Daniel Island consists of an Ashley phase farmstead with historical references tying the land to the Etiwan Indians. Cultural resource investigations indicated the presence of early Ashley phase (A.D. 1590-1620) and Late Ashley phase (A.D. 1620-1670) occupations ending prior to the founding of nearby Charles Towne in 1670. I investigate the absorption of Old World crops into Native American subsistence regimes. The Daniel Island site provides a fine-scaled point of analysis for viewing changes in quotidian subsistence patterns and how the incorporation of Old World crops influenced Native Americans at this site. The incorporation of Old World crops speaks to cultural processes and interactions, be they localized or diasporic, between Native communities and Europeans.