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Campus Access Thesis


Languages, Literatures and Cultures



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Paul Malovrh


Much of the current research in language acquisition investigates adult L2 and bilingual child learners as opposed to child L2 learners. While language acquisition presents one challenge for teachers of child L2 learners, a second challenge is how and to what extent to incorporate the instruction of culture. The purpose of the present study is twofold. It explores ways to integrate culture and grammar instruction to L2 children and examines the use of a pedagogical intervention to accelerate the rate of acquisition and the implications of the intervention with regards to retention. The study investigates tasks for facilitating teaching grammar instructions one form at a time rather than all forms together, as a means to increase the likelihood that certain forms will be noticed and incorporated into the L2 developing system and utilizes two groups, each of which acts simultaneously as a control and experimental group.