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Open Access Thesis


Theatre and Dance


Theatre and Dance

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Steven Pearson


Interviews On Main is the script of a one woman performance piece. It was conceived as an exploration and process of how to develop and write a working script, and later, see the piece come to fruition by producing, acting, and directing it. This solo show process has allowed me to delve into discovering my personal aesthetic in order to make a strong, individual artistic statement. Additionally, this process has helped me to learn how to be a solo creative artist, and to have cultivated individual material to perform when I am not cast professionally.

This thesis includes a table of contents detailing the order of the parts. Firstly, this thesis contains a practical documentation of the artistic process; the description of early ideas, research and development of Interviews On Main, the editing process, and the final working script. It also includes a chapter of script and performance analysis, as well as a vision for possible expansion to a longer piece, and how to revive it. Finally, the thesis includes the sources consulted, or pertaining to, the process of development.

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