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Open Access Thesis


School of Music


Music Performance

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Jennifer Parker-Harley


This study investigates chamber music performances outside of traditional concert venues in the 21st-century U.S. The literature review traces the use of non-traditional venues throughout history from Bach's coffee house concerts to the gallery and loft concerts, which first emerged in the 1950s and 60s. The literature review will also look at the business of classical music established in the 20th century.

The study explores whether new venues have changed the landscape of classical music by interviewing players and concert promoters who present concerts in non-traditional venues as well as owners of popular music venues, which host classical music. Using these individuals' experience in presenting concerts in both traditional and non-traditional venues, the study articulates the change in concert atmosphere between these two types of venues. It also illuminates how musicians change their programming and concert presentation for new venues. Finally, the study investigates the financial arrangements between audience, performers, presenters and venues to discover any differences in this system between traditional and non-traditional venues.