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Reginald Bain


Quotation and stylistic reference are important communicative devices in the musical language of Hans Werner Henze that serve as a means of expression in his multilayered approach to composition. This study examines the central role that quotation and reference play in Hans Werner Henze's Requiem: Nine Sacred Concertos for piano solo, trumpet concertante, and large chamber orchestra (1990-92). While some studies have identified selected references, their primary focus has been on the work's pitch organization and formal plan. This study instead considers Henze's unique approach to quotation and reference. In addition to interviews with the composer, Henze's own writings are used to shed light on his thoughts about music, events in his life, and socio-political ideas that were important in the shaping of the work. The result is a Requiem without words that is nonetheless a highly personal, distinctly humanistic interpretation of the Mass for the Dead.

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