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Campus Access Thesis


Exercise Science

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Michael Beets


This research study was conducted in order to determine the facilitators and barriers to employee's participation in or completion of a worksite wellness intervention. The aim was to increase participation in physical activity and sound nutrition of employees and ultimately increase the overall health and fitness of employees. Traditionally, adherence to interventions in the work place has been less than 50%, which is extremely poor and a statistic that needs to be greatly improved (Person et al., 2010). This is an unfortunate situation with the resources some companies possess, but there are several reasons why participation may be low. These factors can be numerous and varied depending on the population and environment in which the intervention is being conducted. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, surveys were distributed to 80 blue collar workers at the BOSE manufacturing facility in Blythewood, SC. Nineteen surveys were returned and some of the common facilitators for the program were: medical feedback, using the pedometer, and creating accountability through team work. Common barriers for this program were: time, long work days, and lack of team participation. Overall, the study had low participation but did identify some facilitators and barriers to physical activity and proper nutrition in a worksite setting.