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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Educational Administration

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Zach Kelehear


The researcher was able to assess the perception of success of induction teacher during their first year of teaching. The study specifically asks four questions: Is there evidence that common planning exist? Is there evidence common resources and materials are being shared? Is there evidence strategies and ideas are being shared? Is there evidence discussions are being held about professional growth and behavior? The instrument used in the research study is the Perceptions of Success Inventory for Beginning Teachers (PSI-BT). Data analysis, the mean, the standard deviation and reliability were determined for each individual survey item and for each research question. The study used descriptive statistics by using SPSS and Excel data analysis software.

The research study established the value added to the success of the induction teacher by linking the induction teacher with a highly trained and skilled mentor under the continued guidance of the principal. The study highlights important outcomes of the research by looking at teachers with one to three years experience in the Western Piedmont Educational Consortium. The PSI-BT offers a way to help the school system to identify strengths and weaknesses in the execution of the research process, and thus to encourage bright new teachers to commit to the teaching profession for many years.