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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Educational Administration

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Peter Moyi


For many years special education was not a priority for principals because most special needs children did not attend public school or were not identified as having a disability. However, recent changes in federal and state education legislation require that all public schools show growth in student academic achievement for all children, including those with special needs. These changes have led to concerns by special educators that principals' lack the preparation and leadership abilities in dealing with special education issues. Therefore, the supportive leadership needs of high school special education teachers in South Carolina are examined. The perceptions of supportive leadership by high school principals for special education teachers and the support provided by special education directors for principals and special education teachers was also examined. It was determined that the support provided by South Carolina's high school principals is not in-line with the supportive leadership needs of SE teachers. It does appear, however, that special education personnel are providing a bridge of support, working with principals to provide additional support to special education staff in the forms of human resources and material resources.