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Chemical Engineering


A method is presented for predicting shunt currents in stacks of undivided and divided bipolar plate cells. The method is an efficient way of solving the coupled sets of algebraic equations that arise from using circuit analog models to represent the current paths in stacks of undivided or divided bipolar plate cells. These algebraic equations can be eitherlinear or nonlinear depending upon the current-potential relationships used in the model (i.e., nonlinear circuit elements can be included). The method is used to show the importance of including nonsymmetrical resistances and nonlinear circuit elements in the models. Also, the method is used to predict the shunt currents for a nine cell stack of pilot plant scale bipolar plate, membrane chlor-alkali cells. It is shown that these predictions agree qualitatively with measured values. Finally, the method is used to predict the shunt currents for stacks of 60 and 120 of these cells.