Fall 2021

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Scholarly Project


College of Nursing

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Alicia Ribar


Background: A number of studies have validated the use of the FICA tool to evaluate a patient’s spirituality. FICA has been helpful in many palliative care settings to screen for spiritual problems that influence the patient's overall health. Aim: The project was a quality improvement initiative with the purpose of implementing the FICA tool as part of the admission assessment to increase chaplain referrals for inpatient palliative care services. Methods: The staff received an in-service on using the FICA questions on admission, and a prompt to complete the screen was placed at each work station in the project setting. Results: The project revealed a clinically significant increase in spiritual care consults between the pre and post-intervention groups. However, the p-value = 0.145 was not statistically significant. Conclusion: A small sample size and narrow project window were a few of the limitations present in this project. Steps moving forward include increasing both the sample size and the duration of the project to capture a more accurate picture of this intervention in the palliative care setting

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