Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Mixed Iridium−Ruthenium Triple Perovskites. 2. Ba3MRuIrO9 (M = Li, Na, Mg, Ni, Zn, Bi, In)

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Crystal structures and magnetic properties of polycrystalline Ba3MRuIrO9 (M1+ = Li, Na; M2+ = Mg, Ni, Zn; M3+ = Bi, In) were investigated. Rietveld refinements of the crystal structures using powder diffraction data indicate that, with the exception of Ba3BiRuIrO9, all compounds crystallize in the 6H-BaTiO3 structure type in space group P63/mmc; Ba3BiRuIrO9 crystallizes in space group C2/c. The 6H-BaTiO3, or triple-perovskite, structure is composed of hexagonal and cubic stacking of [AO3] layers and contains face- and corner-sharing octahedra. The structures in this study contain a disordered mixture of Ir and Ru in the face-sharing octahedra dimers, which are connected via corner-shared MO6 octahedra. Magnetic susceptibility measurements as a function of temperature were carried out on each compound. Effective magnetic moments were smaller than values estimated using spin-only moments, which indicate the presence of spin−orbit coupling and strong interactions in the face-sharing octahedra that contain a disordered mixture of Ru and Ir on a single crystallographic site. Over a broad temperature range, a divergence of the zero-field-cooled and field-cooled data were observed for Ba3MgRuIrO9, Ba3NiRuIrO9, Ba3ZnRuIrO9, and Ba3LiRuIrO9.