Synthesis and Single Crystal Structure of a New Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex of 1,5-Bis(8-oxaquinoline)-3-methylpentane

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A new flexible ligand, 1,5-bis(8-oxaquinoline)-3-methylpentane (C5MeOQ), was synthesized and used in the preparation of the new dinuclear copper(II) complex 1: [Cu2(μ-OMe)2(μ-C5MeOQ)(NO3)2]. Single crystal X-ray analysis revealed that complex 1 contains dinuclear Cu(II) units with bridging methoxo groups. The ligand, C5MeOQ, takes on a bent conformation in order to connect to and complete the square planar coordination environment of both copper centers; and one of the two Cu(II) centers adopts a distorted square planar configuration as a result of the ligand conformation. The magnetic properties of complex 1were investigated by variable-temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements in the 100–300 K range. Interestingly, the susceptibility data for complex 1 reveals that the compound is diamagnetic, suggesting the presence of very strong antiferromagnetic coupling interactions between the adjacent Cu(II) centers.