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Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Physics, Biophysics


n- and p-type Ge nanowires were synthesized by a multistep process in which axial elongation, via vapor–liquid–solid (VLS) growth, and doping were accomplished in separate chemical vapor deposition steps. Intrinsic, single-crystal, Ge nanowires prepared by Au nanocluster-mediated VLS growth were surface-doped in situ using diborane or phosphine, and then radial growth of an epitaxial Ge shell was used to cap the dopant layer. Field-effect transistors prepared from these Ge nanowires exhibited on currents and transconductances up to 850 µA/µm and 4.9 µA/V, respectively, with device yields of >85%.

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Greytak, A., Lauhon, L., Gudiksen, M., & Lieber, C. (2004). Growth and Transport Properties of Complementary Germanium Nanowire Field Effect Transistors. Applied Physics Letters, 84(21), 4176–4178.