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This volume consists of four parts: the Conference Papers (Part 1), the Historical Archaeological Forum (Part 2), the Contributed Papers (Part 3), and The John M. Goggin Award Papers (Part 4). The volume is edited by Stanley South of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology.


The Chairman's Report - Stanley South.....ii
Introduction to this Volume - Stanley South.....iii

Part 1: The Conference on Historic Site Archaeology Presented Papers
Presented Papers-Introduction - Stanley South.....1
An Analysis of a Cache of Gun­flints from a Site in New Orleans: Gallier House (16 or 46) - Jack C. Hudson and Kay Goelzer Hudson.....2

Part 2: Historical Archaeology Forum - Archeology of Black Settlements
Introduction - Stanley South.....12
Sandy Ground: Archaeological Sampling in a Black Community in Metropolitan New York - Robert L. Schuyler.....13
Ethnography, Archaeology and Burial Practices Among Coastal South carolina Blacks - John D.Combes.....52
The Kingsley Slave Cabins in Duval County, Florida, 1968 - Charles H. Fairbanks.....62

Part 3: Contributed Papers - Historical Archeology: Method and Theory-A Debate on Ethnohistory
Introduction - Stanley South.....94

Section 1: Historic Archeology-Method and Theory
Introduction - Stanley South.....95
The Horizon Concept Revealed in the Application of the Mean Ceramic Date Formula to Spanish Majolica in the New World - Stanley South.....96
The Function of Observation in the Archeological Process - Stanley South.....123
Methodological Phases in the Archeological Process - Stanley South.....138
Evaluation of Analysis Situations Relative to the Archeological Data Bank - Stanley South.....146
Historical Archeology Reports: A Plea for a New Direction - Stanley South.....151
A Note on the Society for American Archaeology Seminar on Report Writing.....157
Binford, Science, and History: The Probabilistic Variability of Explicated Epistemology and Nomothetic Paradigms in Historical Archaeology - Iain C. Walker.....159

Section 2: A Debate on Ethnohistory
Introduction - Stanley South.....202
The Resurgence of Antiquarianism in Ethnohistory and Archeology: Clyde Dollar's "Letter from Mexico" - Melburn D. Thurman.....203
Comments on "A Man Called Horse", Etc. - James H. Howard.....211
Comments on James Howard's Anthropology, and So On - Melburn D. Thurman.....215
Rejoinder to Thurman - James H. Howard.....224
Reply to Howard's Rejoinder - Melburn D. Thurman.....226
Howard's Final Comment - James H. Howard.....228
Problems in General Anthropology and Plains Ethnohistory: Thurman's Final Reply - Melburn D. Thurman.....229

Part 4: The John M. Goggin Award for Method and Theory in Historical Archaeology

The John M. Coggin Award Papers

Introduction - Stanley South.....230
Ethnohistoric Archaeology and the De Soto Entrada into the Lower Mississippi Valley - Jeffrey P. Brain, Alan Toth, and Antonio Rodriguez-Buckingham.....232
English Wine Bottles As Revealed By a Statistical Study: A Further Approach to Evolution and Horizon in Historical Archeology - Richard F. Carrillo.....290
Pawnee Potsherds Revisited: Formula Dating of a Non­European Ceramic Tradition - Roger T. Grange, Jr.....318

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The Conference on Historic Site Archaeology Papers 1972 - Volume 7

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