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This multi-article volume was edited by Stanley South of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology.


The Chairman's Report and Editor's Introduction - Stanley South.....1
On the Location of the Historic Taensa Villages - Stephen Williams.....3
Progress on a Chapbook and Bibliography for Historical Sites Archaeology - John L. Cotter.....14
Punch Card Design for Ceramic Analysis - Renee H. Marwitt.....19
The Importance of Archaeology at Jamestown, Virginia, Site of the First Successful English Settlement in the New Wor1d - J. Paul Hudson.....27
The Ceramic Forms of the Potter Gottfried Aust at Bethabara, North Carolina, 1755 to 1771 - Stanley South.....33
A Preliminary Survey of Seven Coarse Earthenwares from the Fortress of Louisbourg - Renee H. Marwitt.....53
Fort Michilimackinac, the Archaeology and Restoration: A Progress Report - David Armour.....60
Status and Progress Report on the 18th Century Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Historic Site Project - Vincent P. Foley.....66
The Stone Lined Shaft in Brigham Young's Backyard (Nauvoo, Illinois) and its Contents - Clyde D. Dollar.....74
A Progress Report on: Glass Dating, An Archaeologist's Evaluation of the Concept - George G. Demmy.....89
Excavation of the Panton, Leslie and Company Store on the Wakulla River - Pheriba K. Stacy.....93
Clay Pipes from the Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada - Iain C. Walker.....96
Suggested Design and Construction for Small Laboratory Electrolysis Apparatus - Vincent P. Foley.....100
Russellborough, The Royal Governors' Mansion at Brunswick Town - Stanley South.....111
A Preliminary Report on Excavations at the Site of the Camp of the Survivors and Salvagers of the Spanish Fleet of 1715 - Carl J. Clausen.....123
The Kaskaskia Indian Village Site, 1700-1832 - Gregory Perino.....127


  • Names and Addresses of the Contributors to this Volume.....133
  • Papers Presented at the Sixth and Seventh Annual Conferences on Historic Site Archaeology not Included Herein.....134
  • A List of the Published Papers of the Conference on Historic Site Archaeology - The First Through the Fifth Conferences 1960-1964.....135

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The South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology--University of South Carolina




Excavations, Archaeology



The Conference on Historic Site Archaeology Papers 1967 - Volume 1

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