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The volume is edited by Stanley South of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Preface-The Chairman's Report - Stanley South.....ii
Enthnohistory, Analogy, and Historical Archaeology - Charles E. Orser......1
The Search for Sixteenth Century Santa Elena - Stanley South.....25
Homesteaders at Wintersburg: A Study of Land Tenure and Residence Patterns - Pat H. Stein.....38
A Consideration of Monitoring In Urban Archaeological Survey - William R. Bowen...56
Sea Level Change As A Variable In Colonial American Archaeology - Reynold J. Ruppe'.....69
The Single Brothers' Industrial Complex: Research Plan, Old Salem, North Carolina - Kathleen Gilmore....76
Historic Artifacts and Sociocultural Change: Some Warnings From the Lower Mississippi Valley - Ian W. Brown....109
Fort Jackson: A Non Traditional Frontier Fort - James W. Parker.....122
Basic Forms of Historic Pottery Kilns Which May Be Encountered in the United States - Georgeanna H. Greer.....133
Magnetic Analysis: A Useful Tool For Developmental Planning and Investigation on Historic Sites - Gordon P. Watts, Jr.....148
Pettus and Utopia: A Comparison of the Faunal Remains From Two Late Seventeenth Century Virginia Households - Henry M. Miller.....158
The Collier-Boone House - Bascom McDonald Brooms.....180
The City as a Site: The Alexandria Model for Urban Archaeology - Pamela J. Cressey.....204
Settement Pattern and Functional Variation on the South Carolina Frontier - Kenneth E. Lewis.....228
The Problem of Archaeological Diversity, Synthesis and Comparison - Michael R. A. Forsman and Joseph G. Gallo.....238
Descriptive Analysis and Replication of Historic Earthenware: Co1ono Wares From the Spriers Landing Site Berkeley County, South Carolina - Ronald W. Anthony.....253
An Economic Explanation of Material Change at Limerick Planation, South Carolina - William B. Lees.....269
Preliminary Report on Archaeological Investigations in Oakland Cemetery, Georgia - Roy S. Dickens, Jr. and Robert L. Blakely.....286
Early British Subsistence Strategy at Michilimackinac: A Case Study in Systemic Particularism - Gary Shapiro.....315

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The South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology--University of South Carolina




Excavations, Archaeology



The Conference on Historic Site Archaeology Papers 1978 - Volume 13

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