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This multi-article volume was edited by Albert C. Goodyear, John E. Foss, and Kenneth E. Sassaman.


Preface - Albert C. Goodyear and John E. Foss.....v
Stratigraphy and Soil Chronosequence of the Brasstown Sites: A Model for Age Assessment of Alluvium in the Southern Blue Ridge, U.S.A. - David S. Leigh and John S. Cable.....1
Stratigraphy and Landscape Evolution: Implications for the Development of Cultural/Temporal Models in the Sand Hills of West-Central Louisiana - Charles Cantley and John E. Foss.....11
Gastrolith-Derived Stone Concentration in Deep Loess Soil of the Middle and Lower Mississippi River Valley, U.S.A. - Troy Cox.....27
Bioturbation to Bulldozers: The Myth of Undisturbed Sites and Its Implications in Cultural Resource Studies - Thomas J. Padgett.....35
Evidence for Subsurface Translocation of Ceramic Artifacts in a Vertisol in Eastern Crete, Greece - Michael W. Morris, John T. Ammons, and Photeinos Santas.....41
Variable Artifact Displacement and Replacement in a Holocene Eolian Feature - Joel Gunn and John E. Foss.....53
Prehistory and Holocene Floodplain Evolution Along the Inner Coastal Plain of Virginia: A Case Study from the Chickahominy Drainage - Joseph Schuldenrein and Dennis Blanton.....75
Soil Moisture Environments of Pre-Columbian Agricultural Terraces and Settlement, Rio Gavilan, Chihuahua, Mexico - Laurance C. Herold and Reuben F. Miller.....97
Soils of Caracol, Belize and Their Significance to Agriculture and Land Use - C. L. Coultas.....103
Pedo-Archaeology of the Mammoth Meadow Fan/Terrace Workshop Site in Southwestern Montana - Marvin T. Beatty, Mort D. Turner, Joanne C. Turner, and Robson Bonnichsen.....111
Considerations about Fragipans of the Eastern United States - Antonio V. Segovia.....121
Nahanada Site Pedology and the Archaeological Record Morphology - Kathleen E. Callum .....125
A Conceptual Methodology for Studying the Geoarchaeology of Fluvial Systems - Robin L Denson.....139
Application of the Newly Developed OCR Dating Procedure in Pedo-Archaeological Studies - Douglas S. Frink.....149

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The South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology--University of South Carolina




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This is Volume 10 in the Institute's 'Anthropological Studies' papers.

Procedings of the Second International Conference on Pedo-Archaeology

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