Student-Veteran Oral History Project


Jarred Eads Interview

Narrator Name

Jarred Eads

Streaming Media

Interviewer Name

Anissa Baksh and Amanda DeLuca

Context for Interview

The interview of Jarred Eads was conducted by Anissa Baksh and Amanda DeLuca for their Honors 101 Oral History Project. The Oral History Project record the histories of student veterans for posterity.

Brief Description of Interview

Jarred Eads discusses his early life through high school and what led him to enlist in the military. He explains why he chose the Air Force, elaborates on his experiences in basic training and the units he served in, including the Honor Guard, air traffic control, and the impact each made on him. He tells about his deployment to Kuwait and Jordan and the various bases in the U.S. He tells many stories of his military career, including the circumstances that led to his decision not to re-enlist. He speaks about his current college plans as well as his future aspirations. He concludes with advice for anyone considering military enlistment.

Part two:

Duration of Interview

1 hr 55 min

Date of Birth



Tampa, FL



Dates of Service


Branch/Units of Service

Air Force

Theaters/Locations of Service

Air Traffic Control, Honor Guard, Weapons; Altus AFB, OK; Keesler AFB, MS; Nellis AFB, NV; Creech AFB, NV

Operation Inherent Resolve

Highest Rank Attained

E-4/Sr. Airman

Major Course of Study

Computer Science with minor in Cybersecurity

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