Student-Veteran Oral History Project


Maeghan Hartley Interview

Narrator Name

Maeghan Hartley

Streaming Media

Interviewer Name

Hannah Bonham

Context for Interview

The interviewer knew the narrator prior to the interview. The interview was undertaken after the narrator volunteered to be interviewed about their service and transition into college.

Brief Description of Interview

The interview begins with Hartley discussing her early childhood. She goes into detail concerning her issues after high school and leads into her experience in the Air Force. She explains why she was medically discharged and desired to end her military career. She then spoke about her previous education and transition into USCA. She disclosed how helpful the Veteran Center has been through the process. From there, she gave details about her family. Maeghan explained the difficulties that she and her wife went through while she was in service and explained the process of adopting their son, Dawson. She desires to own a house and earn her degree in the medical field. She then spoke about how she would go back into the Air Force if she could, and if her son wanted to join the military, she would encourage his decision and hopefully persuade him to choose the Air Force.

Location of Interview


Duration of Interview

34 minutes

Date of Birth



Augusta, GA



Dates of Service


Branch/Units of Service

Air Force; security force squadron

Theaters/Locations of Service

Goldsboro, NC; Oman, Afghanistan, Kuwait

Highest Rank Attained


Major Course of Study

Exercise Sports Science

Previous College/University Experience

Aiken Tech; Wayne Community College