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AI chatbots have made vast strides in technology improvement in recent years and are already operational in many industries. Advanced Natural Language Processing techniques, based on deep networks, efficiently process user requests to carry out their functions. As chatbots gain traction, their applicability in healthcare is an attractive proposition due to the reduced economic and people costs of an overburdened system. However, healthcare bots require safe and medically accurate information capture, which deep networks aren’t yet capable of due to user text and speech variations. Knowledge in symbolic structures is more suited for accurate reasoning but cannot handle natural language processing directly. Thus, in this paper, we study the effects of combining knowledge and neural representations on chatbot safety, accuracy, and understanding.

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Dolbir, N., Dastidar, T., & Roy, K. (2021). NLP is not enough - Contextualization of user input in chatbots. KGC Workshop on Knowledge-infused Learning.