TaxaMiner: An Experimentation Framework for Automated Taxonomy Bootstrapping

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Construction of domain ontologies on the semantic web is a human and resource intensive process, efforts to reduce which are crucial for the Semantic Web to scale. We present a framework for automated taxonomy construction, that involves: (a) generation of a cluster hierarchy from a document corpus using statistical clustering and NLP techniques; (b) extraction of a topic hierarchy from this cluster hierarchy; and (c) assignment of labels to nodes in the topic hierarchy. Metrics for estimating topic hierarchy quality and parameters of an experimentation framework are identified. MEDLINE was the document corpus and MeSH thesaurus was the gold standard.

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Kashyap, V., Ramakrishnan, C., Thomas, C., & Sheth, A. P. (2005). TaxaMiner: An Experimentation Framework for Automated Taxonomy Bootstrapping. International Journal of Web and Grid Services, 1 (2), 240-266.