OntoQA: Metric-Based Ontology Quality Analysis

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As the Semantic Web gains importance for sharing knowledge on the Internet this has lead to the development and publishing of many ontologies in different domains. When trying to reuse existing ontologies into their applications, users are faced with the problem of determining if an ontology is suitable for their needs. In this paper, we introduce OntoQA, an approach that analyzes ontology schemas and their populations (i.e. knowledgebases) and describes them through a well defined set of metrics. These metrics can highlight key characteristics of an ontology schema as well as its population and enable users to make an informed decision quickly. We present an evaluation of several ontologies using these metrics to demonstrate their applicability.

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Tartir, S., Arpinar, I. B., Moore, M., Sheth, A. P., & Aleman-Meza, B. (2005). OntoQA: Metric-Based Ontology Quality Analysis.