OpenWS-Transaction: Enabling Reliable Web Service Transactions

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OpenWS-Transaction is an open source middleware that enables Web services to participate in a distributed transaction as prescribed by the WS-Coordination and WS-Transaction set of specifications. Central to the framework are the Coordinator and Participant entities, which can be integrated into existing services by introducing minimal changes to application code. OpenWS-Transaction allows transaction members to recover their original state in case of operational failure by leveraging techniques in logical logging and recovery at the application level. Depending on transaction style, system recovery may involve restoring key application variables and replaying uncommitted database activity. Transactions are assumed to be defined in the context of a BPEL process, although other orchestration alternatives can be used.

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Vasquez, I., Miller, J. A., Verma, K., & Sheth, A. P. (2005). OpenWS-Transaction: Enabling Reliable Web Service Transactions. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3826, 490-494.