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Like I Said
Matthew Mossman


Membrane Degradation Mechanisms and Accelerated Durability Testing of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
James M. Fenton, Marianne P. Rodgers, Darlene K. Slattery, Xinyu Huang, Vishal O. Mittal, Leonard J. Bonville, and Harold R. Kunz


Associated Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of IGF2 Gene’s Exon 8 with Growth Traits in Wuzhishan Pig
Guanyu Hou, Dongjin Wang, Song Guan, Hongpu Zeng, Xianzhou Huang, and Yuehui Ma


Proton Conductivity of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes during Transient Hydration and Dehydration Cycles
William A. Rigdon, Xinyu Huang, Daniel S. Hussey, and David L. Jacobson

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